How Brushed Clean Makes Post Construction Cleaning in Geelong Easy for You!

Hello, and welcome to my pavilion! I am Brushed Clean and am committed to keeping your dream property clean and fresh after it has been constructed. I understand that you are allergic to untidy places and that you can never see your new property in that condition. So, I have taken on the entire responsibility with my specialised team to take good care of your post-construction cleaning requirements.

But this is just the beginning! Let me also enlighten you on how I intend to keep you happy with my unparalleled approach.

I offer appointments that fit in with tight deadlines. I work efficiently to complete the clean ready for handover to the owner.

I understand the challenges left behind after a build. Concrete, render, plaster, paint, glues, silicone and grout haze left on finished surfaces need to be removed with care and detail. I have the products, expertise and tools to do this.

I'll do a walkthrough. I assess the scope of work.

Photos are provided as the clean progresses.

I clean all surfaces - walls, ceilings, floors, kitchens and bathrooms, cabinetry, shelving, skirting, architrave, fans, appliances and air filters. My aim is a pristine clean so the new occupants can experience that brand new feeling.

All surface protection is removed and discarded.

Ceilings, walls, floors, crevices, fixtures and surfaces are dusted, vacuumed and cleaned. The floors may need several passes of vacuuming. This avoids debris marking the floors after protective material is removed. The hard floors are mopped then buffed dry to a polished finish.

Windows glass is identified for sensitive surfaces such as Low-E and tinting. I am able to clean panes, frames, screens, and tracks up to the second storey including windows in stairwells.

Safety labels are left intact. Other stickers, tape, and any post-construction film and debris is removed.

Surfactants are used with non-abrasive techniques for the removal of building debris, completed with lint free cloths.

Windows are opened to reveal the whole frame for cleaning.

All wet areas, countertops, sinks, toilets, showers, and fixtures cleaned.

Electronic equipment is handled with sensitivity and care.

I sign off after performing a final walkthrough to ensure that every area has been meticulously cleaned and is aesthetically comforting to the eye, all ready for handover.

What Makes Our Post Construction Cleaners in Geelong Stand Out?

Our cleaners are highly trained and qualified to work closely with you. What makes them stand out is the way they show their efficiency at work. They intend to keep everything tailored for you, so you get 100% satisfaction with their performance. They maintain quality throughout the work and ensure the use of green tools and products for post-construction cleaning.

They understand that dust and debris accumulate at a huge percentage after construction and that you cannot step in until you remove them from your property. So, they take this into primary consideration and ensure the cleaning steps are extensive enough to remove them all in the perfect manner.

Our team is an exception in the industry and works in accordance with the unique needs of a property after it has been newly constructed. We can proudly say that there is no one better than our team when it comes to post-construction cleaning.

Why Bank on Us for Post Construction Cleaning Services in Geelong?

Choosing us can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Tailored post-construction cleaning plans and solutions
  • Deep cleaning
  • Proper removal of dust, debris, and other unwanted particles due to the construction work
  • 24x7 assistance with queries
  • Maintenance of quality throughout the work
  • Expert hands and brains at work

After Construction Cleaning in Geelong Made Better with Brushed Clean!

When it comes to post-construction cleaning, we can proudly say that we are your ideal option because we are leading the industry with our hard work, dignity, passion, and dedication. So, call us now at 0417 311 503 to get our specialised team on board and keep everything clean and clear before you step into your new property!

FAQs Regarding Our Post Construction Cleaning Services

Do your post-construction cleaning services in Geelong involve the use of eco-friendly tools?
Yes, our post-construction cleaning services primarily involve the use of eco-friendly tools and products to ensure that your property is free of allergens and other health-related threats. This way, we also intend to take good care of nature.
Are your post-construction cleaners in Geelong licensed?
Yes, our post-construction cleaners are completely licensed. Not only that, but they are also fully certified to ensure that they do everything in a legalised manner and that there is proper adherence to cleaning norms at all times.
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