I approach residential cleans with utmost detail and care.

Here's why you will love having me as your cleaner:

  • I vacuum and mop behind the doors.
  • I clean the underside of the range hood and overhead cabinets.
  • I clean grout in the shower.
  • I spot clean carpet.
  • I include the front entrance, deweb, dust and wipe.
  • I clean my extension cord so the walls and architraves remain clean.
  • I brush and clean the drains to 5cm depth.
  • I pick up smaller items to clear the floor.
  • I handwipe skirting boards.
  • I clean the computer and TV screens.
  • This is your home, your sanctuary therefore I take absolute care to respect and maintain confidentiality and your privacy.
  • I cater for all homes, from the well maintained, to the neglected and the cluttered.
  • If it has a surface, this is my domain.
  • I deweb, dust, wipe, scrub, buff, polish, vacuum and mop. From ceilings, walls, floors, benchtops and the intricate fixtures.

Thus, if you are looking for house cleaners in Geelong who can do the needful in the best way possible, you are at the right place.

Bookings include:

  • Once off
  • Daily, weekly, fortnightly and monthly.
  • Sections of the home

There is no lock in contracts.

Be assured of the quality clean that you receive with my 72 hour recall. So, why search for more house cleaning companies in Geelong when you have us right here, ready to serve you?

Step by Step Home Cleaning in Geelong

Where do I start?

Kitchen Sinks

A starting point for many is a clean decluttered sparkling kitchen sink. I handle dishes and mess. I care for stainless steel, natural stone or specialty materials bringing your sink back to its best shining finish.

Wear and tear scratches can be buffed away. Drain plugs stains and built-up grime, debris is dealt with, let's not talk about that too much. You will have a sink that's hygienic again. Tap fixtures will be scrubbed and brushed to remove mould and grime and with water marks buffed away. But this is only a part of what is included in the home cleaning services in Geelong. There’s more.

NEXT - All Over

  • Cobwebs removed
  • Sills, skirting, shelves, and picture frames dusted
  • Doors, walls and exterior cabinets/cupboard doors spot clean
  • Door handles, light switches
  • Mirrors
  • Tapware fittings
  • Bins
  • Mats and rugs vacuumed
  • Floor swept/vacuumed and mopped

The Big Tasks


Your oven – leave it to me to give it a makeover.

Not only prevent the infusion of burnt food smells into your food but a clean oven reduces the risk of fire.

Grills especially are the reason for quick flare-ups that get out of control.

I and my home cleaners in Geelong extract the shelves, brackets and back wall of the oven allowing full access to the fan and walls.

Some ovens contain 3 glass panels in the door. We access all of these layers.

Your oven is left clean and shiny.

Stovetops and Rangehoods

Let us return your stovetop to its shining best. Grease, grime and burnt food removed. The surface polished again.

Leave the ceramic, steel and aluminium to me. I will quickly restore them to their best.

All styles of rangehoods are cleaned. Rangehood filters, casing and hoods all degreased. Thus, you can clearly see that we do everything to make your house immaculate. For this reason, we are regarded as one of the best home cleaning companies in Geelong.

Showers and Bathrooms

Get your sparkle back. Let your shower be a relaxing and creative space once again. A place where both you and the shower end up clean. I will detail your shower ensuring that the nooks and gaps are cleaned. Let's restore the glass back to its smooth, crystal shine.

Vanity sinks. I am a professional and can wip in and remove the soap scum, limescale and rust stains, no problem at all.

Drain plugs, leave them to me.

On completion I and my residential cleaners in Geelong will provide you with tips and tricks that will allow you to have your shower kept in a cleaner state with or without my help, allowing an experience of clean you, clean shower, away with those nasty moulds.

The whole of the bathroom, the walls, benchtops, backsplash, cabinet doors and kick boards all cleaned.


I love glass. Crystal clear glass.

Allow some clarity back in your life with windows cleaned to pristine clear again. No more built-up dirt, insect debris, sticky residue, finger marks, builder’s debris and limescale.

During residential cleaning in Geelong, I safely clean interior and exterior windows up to the first storey high using extension poles. The clean glass is then complemented with a detail clean of the frame, flyscreen and tracks and sliders and window outs.


Oh, let’s not talk too much about these, instead leave this to ME. Hard water stains and limescale at the bottom of the bowl be gone. Let’s find the white again.

From button to base, the rim, trap and pipes are scrubbed, sanitised and deodorized.

Those unfortunate splash marks on walls are scrubbed away and sanitised clean in my residential cleaning service in Geelong.

We specialize in eliminating toilet odours with the right brushes and products to have your bathroom smelling clean and fresh again.

Breathe again.


I offer steam clean of carpets. After a good vacuum, pre-treatment of stains, your carpets will be rejuvenated again with my commercial steam cleaner. Pet hair and stains are removed. The heat and powerful suction lifts dirt and allergens away leaving a hygienic and odourless finish. Your carpet is left to dry quickly preventing mould and bacterial growth. I recommend a steam clean once per year. I assure you that only a few residential cleaning companies in Geelong will be able to match the quality of my work.

Extensive Residential Cleaning Services in Geelong

Homes have many areas to attend to and maintain. I am available for:

  • Change bed linen
  • Fold washing
  • Clean filters
  • Clean walls and ceilings
  • Makeover the garage
  • Remove silicone mold and mildew
  • Clean grout
  • Appliance interiors - fridge, microwave, coffee machine


How long do you take to clean a home from top to bottom?
Though I work alone but in an organised manner, and at most times with my professional cleaners, you can expect the work to be completed on the same day.
What type of home cleaning solutions do you use?
At Brushed Clean, we use organic solutions to clean places since they are chemical-free. These won’t cause any diseases.
Can you guarantee maximum cleanliness?
Since we have been cleaning homes for years, you can expect to find your place to be fully immaculate after the service.
What is the cost of your home cleaning service?
To get the cost of our home cleaning service, get in touch with us. We will listen to your preferences and give you the quote.
Tired of cleaning?... Leave it to Sandra!