Custom Short Term Rental Cleaning in Geelong

If you are looking for the best expert who can deliver the best short term rental cleaning in Geelong, Brushed Clean should be your one stop solution. When it comes to serving my clients, I leave no stones unturned to make sure they are 100% satisfied with some eco-friendly, comprehensive service that will address their custom cleaning needs.

From sanitation and aesthetics to practicality and affordability, I'm one of the best with my years of experience, in-depth product knowledge, and the latest tools and processes. I can provide some comprehensive cleaning that any time of the year, to turn your property spick and span. Besides cleaning, I can also share my knowledge, and empower you to upkeep your home or office for fine and healthy. I am affordable and transparent, offering the cleaning at a competitive rate, turning out to be one of the most acclaimed short term rental cleaners in Geelong.

What does our short term rental cleaning in Geelong involve?

We offer a comprehensive short term cleaning near Geelong that all inclusive:

  • I provide ongoing cleans, on demand, meeting deadlines for the next visitor in town.
  • I work efficiently to ensure check in times are met.
  • I start with an inspection of the property, report the condition and if any items are left behind.
  • Check lights, fans and appliances are working.
  • Linen changes to each bed.
  • In the kitchen, dishes are put away, toaster is decrumbed and appliances wiped over.
  • Oven and fridge wiped.
  • Furniture and surfaces are dusted.
  • Bathrooms and toilets are cleaned.
  • Door handles and light switches wiped over.
  • Floors are vacuumed and mopped.
  • Rubbish is removed and new liners replaced.
  • Consumables are restocked - towels, washes, bathmats, coffee, milk, bin liners, paper towels, hand soap, shampoo and conditioner, body wash and dish soap.
  • Staging of beds, bathrooms and welcome message as per instructions. Plumping cushions, magazines, straightening rugs, arrange decor, display information booklets, draw blinds and curtains.
  • Security - Locking up is recorded.
  • Used linen returned to linen service.
  • Before and after photos shared and uploaded.

Therefore, there's something about walking into a super clean home, even if it's a borrowed home, fresh, clean and with meticulous detail to presentation.


What properties do you clean?
Apart from residential properties I clean offices, child and aged care facilities, churches, fitness centres & gyms, schools and other educational institutions, clinics and medical centres, stratas, and other commercial properties.
What are the USP of you cleaning?
I am prompt and professional, and guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Despite being qualitatively better than many other cleaners, I am affordable and transparent with no hidden charges.
Will I have to be at the office when you clean it?
We never recommend our customers to stay at their office when cleaning is being performed. I generally perform cleaning after office hours, so that your office duties are never interfered with. However, it is entirely your discretion to stay in your office as and when the cleaning is being done. In some cases, customers prefer staying at the office as the cleaning is being done. We have no issues with that.
Can you provide same day cleaning?
Yes I can, provided I do not have any other prior appointment.
Will I have to provide any cleaning supplies and products?
Not at all. I will bring in my own cleaning products and supplies.

Call at the earliest for an appointment

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